Ruby & Quiri, Inc.

Ruby & Quiri, Inc.



About Us

60,000 sq ft Complete home furnishing center: Appliances-Video-Furniture-Floorcoverings

Our commitment to You...
Ruby & Quiri knows that nothing is more important than you, our customer. We are always evolving in order to insure that we offer you the best of the best from appliances & furniture to customer service and alike. We are dedicated to innovation, technology and progression in all facets of our industry. Stop in and see the difference yourself.

Our Commitment to Quality...
Ruby & Quiri is committed to bringing you high quality items at reasonable prices. We offer nothing but the finest quality items whether it be furniture, appliances or electronics. We believe that every service we perform should exceed your expectations as a consumer. From service to sales, we have the quality products and services you deserve.

Our commitment to Innovation...
We at Ruby & Quiri strive to be at the forefront of technology & our times. Ruby & Quiri understand that the world around us is ever-evolving and we aim to evolve with it. The importance of new technologies and innovation ranks highly among our business model, determining the types of products and services we provide. While we have strong roots in traditional applications, we also have a commitment to the future of the furniture world, our customer needs and our ever-evolving world.

Our commitment to Value...
We at Ruby & Quiri understand what value means to our customer. We strive to bring to you affordable items with incredible value at the lowest possible prices. Combined with our excellent customer service department


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